Why didn’t anyone tell me?

I walk towards the bus stop as I do every morning. But today something was different. As I march towards the bus stop I see this group of people walking the other direction – against me – walking away from the bus stop.  That’s when I realized something was wrong. 

I finally reach the bus stop and only two other sorry souls are standing there with me. Usually there are at least 15-20 people waiting to get on the good old 629 bus. But not today. Something had to be wrong. I grab my phone out of my pocket and check what the heck is going on. And suddenly I find out why that gang of seemingly hypnotized people walked the other direction. As if they were possessed, stuck in their own thoughts, just trying to get away from it all. 

This is my being frustrated face.

My phone tells me that the bus would be skipping my stop and instead going straight to the next one. I will let you know why shortly. Anyway, that’s why everyone was walking towards me! I just don’t get why nobody said anything to me. It’s not like they don’t recognize me; I’ve been riding the 629 with those people for the past year! There’s the woman that always coughs before she steps on, the man with greyish, white hair who always looks like he’s just killed somebody, the girl that smokes cigarettes that nobody want’s to stand near and the man who always want’s to squeeze on the bus before me… we’ve crashed a few times in the doorway. We’re like family!

And yet nobody had the decency to tell me to stop and turn around. 

So the rest of us ended up walking to the next stop, about 300 meters away. I obviously missed “my” bus and had to wait for the next one. Oh, it’s not a long wait. Only 15 minutes, minus the five it took me to walk there. And guess what? The next bus was ten minutes late… So this morning was double trouble… And I had such a good sleep and good morning before that! The reason why the bus skipped my stop? It’s an unknown mystery! Sucks, doesn’t it!

Song of the day: Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

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