Do I know it’s Christmas?

I’m looking forward to a few days off. Christmas is only five days away and I don’t really have too much Christmas spirit, it’s just gone too quick! We’re playing Christmas music at the office though – I’m usually the one to put the Christmas music station on. A Swedish radio station called Mix Megapol plays that Christmas stuff all month long. I don’t mind it actually, even though I’ve heard the same songs no less than 14 million times. My workmates however can’t stand that radio station. Today we made a compromise…

We switched to a station called Vinyl FM, which plays old music up until the 80’s. And they actually play a few Christmas songs here and there. I probably heard Do they Know it’s Christmasby Band Aid andI saw Mommy kissing Santa Clausby Jackson 5, in all honesty, too many times today. But it’s a good mix up. 

Actually, if there’s a Christmas song I can’t stand, it’s got to be that song performed by Jackson 5. Young MJ’s voice is rather pitchy in I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus and it cuts ever so slightly in to my brain, and makes me want to scream (the reference wasn’t indented). Other than that, it’s actually not that good. 

Do they Know it’s Christmas,on the other hand, is just fine. Phil Collins’ drumming is great to listen to. For those of you who didn’t know – Phil Collins is playing the drums on that song. His drum fill just before the “middle eight” section is genius. 

Just two more days of work and I’ll be off for a few days. This autumn has been a killer in so many ways. I’ve worked way to hard and tried to squeeze in too much stuff without enough rest in between. And I still can’t believe it’s 2019 in two weeks! 

Song of the day: Kainos – Tømmerman 

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