New Week’s Eve

Here we are, at the start of 2019. Not sure I can feel any difference though; I might just ask for my money back! Starting a new year is a fun thing, almost like starting a new week. Or is it?  I’m not so certain. 

I would like to see people party like it’s 1999 every Sunday evening. Instead, people dread Sundays and can’t stand Mondays. Shouldn’t a Monday be as exciting as a new year? After all, it is a new start? Let’s make it that way! Ladies and gentleman, let’s turn our frowns upside down and celebrate every Sunday in anticipation of a new week! A small type of fresh start!

And by the way, how has your New Year started? As I mentioned, I’m still not sure that 2018 has ended. It’s all a conspiracy! No, I’m just joking. I had a great New Year’s Eve by the way, spending it with my girlfriend, my brother and his partner, my youngest sister and my mother. We ate well and saw some fireworks – not much else to do really is there? Coincidently, today is Sunday, the first Sunday of 2019 (still not convinced of the year), and tomorrow starts the first full week of work. Other than work I’ll be picking up my glasses tomorrow as well. Which means 2019 will see a new me. Or perhaps: I will see a new 2019. No matter what, I will be seeing a new pair of glasses. 

Another first for this year is that I’ll be back doing drum practicing. The rehearsal room I rent to practice in has been renovated during the holidays, so I haven’t been able to practice behind a drum kit for a few weeks now. It’ll be great to be back. Let’s get this Sunday over with so we can kick start the coming week!

Song of the day: Mötley Crüe – Kickstart My Heart

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