Healed by His stripes

I just rediscovered Stryper. One of the great bands from the fabulous 1980´s – the decade I was born – very decadent if I do say so myself. For those of you who don’t know, they play hard rock – as they themselves call it. I found an interview with them on youtube that had me smiling from ear to ear.

I listened to them a lot when I was younger, while I was studying music at school. In my opinion they could have been a lot bigger than they actually were/are. Perhaps you know who they are, and perhaps you even know that Stryper is a Christian band. ”Oh no, not one of those…” you might be thinking. If you are, I couldn’t care less. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t a small band. They were signed by Enigma, the same label as Motley Crue and actually were one of the labels biggest commercial successes. Red Hot Chilli Peppers were signed there as well.

Some how I stumbled over an interview with Stryper on youtube the other day and just started listening again. By the way, that interview I found is super cool and their look is so fresh even though it’s from 1989. And compared to the likes of Guns N’ Roses and other rival bands of the era, they look a lot more interesting quite frankly. And clean, but with the same rock attitude. This particular interview I saw is from an Australian tv-show where they are debating against a Christian leader and top politician in the country. It is pure entertainment and for a Christian it’s even more entertaining. In subject after subject, they run over the reverends small-minded and worldly (to speak in biblical terms) Christian attitude. 

The reverend brings up how potentially dangerous it is for young Christians to go to a Stryper concert, and compares it with letting ex-alcoholics loose at a beer convention. That reminded me why I can’t stand religion. I am a Christian myself, and believe in Jesus, but I am not religious. If you find that contradictory, that’s fine by me. Robert Sweet, the drummer in the band, answered him by saying that Stryper’s focus isn’t to touch the all ready reached, but to touch the unreached. They also mention that Christians themselves are the ones mostly against them. Disgusting. Humanity is a hard-to-please bunch… We even attack our own!

Ps. I picked up my glasses today. I’m one of the cool kids now. Ds.

Song of the day: Stryper – Two time woman 

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