Stuck in the middle part

Has your year started out the way you had hoped? Two weeks have gone and I haven’t even made a New Year’s resolution! Last year I made one, can’t really remember what happened though – I can barely even remember 2018!

Basically it was to try to make progress every week. I did start a lot of new stuff during 2018 – stuff that I’m carrying with me into this year. The main problem is time. Making time for all the things you want to do. One major thing I did accomplish last year was to read books. I don’t know how many I got through last year, a few anyway. And I managed that by selling my car. I sold my car and it gave me a lot of time. How? Here is how.

It made me use public transport to get to and from work. You know, in the movie Forrest Gump when he says something like, “ Whenever I was going somewhere, I was running”? That’s me, except whenever I’m going somewhere I’m taking the bus. It’s been over a year now since my car changed owner. I must say that I have almost had enough now of that lifestyle. For some reason, the bus I happen to take is always late. And getting home from work the other day, the bus had jammed stuck in the middle! 

It was one of those accordion buses, you know with a flexible middle part. 

That middle part had jammed, so the bus was stuck in the shape of the letter L – with the back in one direction, and the front pointing right. The bus driver was desperately trying to get it unstuck; the bus resembled some kind of crippled animal, trying to move with a broken leg or something, as the front of the bus was driving forwards, dragging the bent part with the rear wheels skidding on top of the icy tarmac. It was somehow uncomfortable watching it trying to move. 

At last the traffic controller at the bus terminal hopped in and managed to get it unstuck. I think the cold must have frozen the twisty part in the middle. After about five minutes we were off. 

It does try one’s patience. And my patience has been tried a lot over the past year. I am considering getting a car to do the errands and other stuff during the weekends. I’ll still ride the bus to work so I can read and use the time more efficiently, but during the weekends there isn’t as much traffic, and the time sitting in a car won’t really be wasted. 

I’m looking to get a new lens for my camera as well. I’m looking for a 70-200 mm zoom for my system camera. I’ve got a few leads, but still haven’t got the perfect one. We’ll see where we end up! Stay tuned.

Song of the day: Warren G & Sissel – Prince Igor

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