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I went for a walk today and wow, it was cold. It’s been a good weekend and I’ve managed to get a lot done, but still been able to relax. Today was laundry day again, and I almost managed to mess it up! I had forgotten to get washing powder, the one for white laundry. I had some of the colour powder left, but none for the white. So I headed out to get some white washing powder. And ended up leaving the shop with everything but white washing up powder. Luckily enough though, I remembered before I was to far away and rushed back to the shops to pick some up.  

Isn’t that funny? How you can forget something like that? The washing powder was the reason I went shopping! At least it ended well and I got my laundry done. Although, down in the laundry room – the room where everything seems to happen – the person before me had totally forgotten to hang their stuff to dry. So I had to empty the washing machines of their clothes so I could do my own laundry. And when I came back an hour later, to hang my clothes up to dry, they still hadn’t been down to hang up their stuff! And not even when I went to pick up my clothes when it was done either! Poor them. At least it wasn’t me. I think I had my fair share of being forgetful today as it is!

Back to the walk. It was cold. I wore my glasses. I could see everything. You know, it’s nice because you can see all the way to town, which is Stockholm. I could see a chimney smoking away in the horizon even though it’s nighttime. The city lights lit it up. I could even see the broadcasting tower, called Kaknästornet. I do like the winter, the air is so crispy – and I just got a new winter coat which makes it all the more fun. 

I actually did some baking today as well; during the autumn when I was away with work, I was given I cake set as a gift from the company I was visiting. And today was the day to finally bake it and eat it. It was some kind of almond sponge cake – very tasty in deed. However, it would have been even lovelier with frosting on the top. 

Song of the day: U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

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