School is overrated if you don’t go there

It’s that time of year again: Time for me to update my blog! I had a rip in my schedule today so an update is always nice. For me anyway. 

I had a hole because I forgot my drumming stuff at home before I left for work this morning. So I couldn’t go and practice. Lame excuse I guess. What would my drumming teacher from music school have said? At least I’m over 18 now and can make my own decisions, and have been for 16 years now. “Been making bad decisions since 2002”. As it were.

He would never have accepted that – he made my life as a teenager a living nightmare. But in the process he made me a better drummer. I went to a music high school in Stockholm. Yes, very “High School Musical”-like. But all in all he was a good teacher. I think he made life pretty tough for a lot of drummers at school! 

I’ll be squeezing in a small modelling job this week – I always enjoy when they pop up. It’s for a company in Sweden that has courses and things like that. I’ll be the “talent” in a before and after shot. In the before shot I’m supposed to look miserable, and happy in the other. Happy because I took one of their courses I suppose. Logical, as Mr Spock would have said. 

Another thing good about this week is that Formula One has officially gotten started. Today was the first winter test day. Who was the quickest driver? One of the Ferraris; I won’t bother saying the driver’s name because you won’t know who it is anyway. Okay, his name is Sebastian Vettel. You see. I told you you wouldn’t know. 

Okay my favourite readers, that’s about as much nonsense I had for you today. Hopefully I’ll get back sooner. In the meanwhile: Stay cool and in school. If you go to school, that is. Otherwise there is no reason to stay there. 

Song of the day: Jean-Luc Ponty – New Country

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