John’s the name this weekend

About a year ago I picked up a full frame camera, which has been useful in a lot of my journalism work. Taking pictures is actually a lot of fun and I’ve gradually gotten better and it. And when you start to get as far as you can get with the gear you have, you start thinking about the next step. 

The next step for me was to get an all round purpose zoom lens. Canon’s L-series has some great lenses. I opted for a 24-70 mm f/2,8 lens – a true beast. I picked up the first version of it since it’s half the price of the second version. The second version is however an absolute monster of a lens, but after checking out forums and various Youtube clips I came to the conclusion that the first edition was good enough. And definitely good enough for the work I do. 

I put my new camera lens to the test the other day. It was a cold and crispy morning; it had been snowing through the night, perfect for a walk and some picture taking. 

The attached photos are some of my favourite shots from my walk yesterday – a freezing cold winter morning in Stockholm. 

Also, on another “note”, last night was the final for the Swedish Melody festival (Melodifestivalen), our pre-competition for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in May. The winning song is amazing, sung by a dude called John “great name” Lundvik. My girlfriend and I watched the show and were blown away – everybody in Sweden seems to love that song! Even during the week before the show, people kept telling him in interviews: “John, you don’t even need to compete, you’re going to win. It’s done!” Despite all the praise, he was still able to keep his cool and not get big headed. 

Song of the day: John Lundvik – Too late for love

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