No tea this year

It’s been an eventful morning in rainy old Stockholm. The Formula 1 season got going today, and I saw the spectacle together with a magazine I wrote some articles for at a sports car store downtown. A Swedish hot chocolate brand were part of the event as well, and handed out cups of tasty hot (well, yeah) chocolate. Actually they had som cold chocolate as well.

The race itself was entertaining and we saw a different winner this time, which made it a little more satisfying. Sadly, I didn’t drink my traditional cup of tea this year. I’ve made a tradition of drinking tea at the first F1 race of the year. I’ve done it since 2005 I think! This year was about chocolate – I’ll have to drink my “cuppa” during the next race. 

Because the race was in Australia it meant that I had to wake up at 4 o’clock just to get to town in time for the race. It wasn’t that bad and I wasn’t too tired. I’ll be tired tonight though. Coincidently that’s also a good time to be tired. I’ll be looking forward to that, that’s for sure. 

Song of the day: Mohombi – Hello

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