Ferrari, Aston, hello?

It’s Saturday. A slow Saturday, but I’m trying to keep busy so my head doesn’t fall off. It feels like spring is in the air, it’s not cold outside; I was even sweating on my way in to town today. 

The downside when spring is on its way is that it’s dusty. There’s so much sand on the ground from the winter, which blows all over the place and gets in your eyes. Pollen season is hear to I think. I’m not too sensitive to pollen but I can feel it a little. 

I’m still slowly on the look out for a new car. I’ve found a few that might be interesting; I’m not looking for anything too fancy because it’s still too easy to take the bus to and from work. I’ll use the car when I need to run errands. What surprises me when I look at the used car ads, is that people are asking for so much money for their old cars. People just don’t get that the pile of junk they are trying to sell isn’t worth what they are asking.

I’ve sold a handful of cars through the years, and the best way to get rid of it is to put it out for a reasonable price. If you ask for too much, you just won’t get it sold. Lower the price a little and your phone won’t stop ringing – the car will be gone before you know it. 

Cars are the biggest money pit there is, you’ll never win unless you get a Ferrari or an Aston from the 50s or 60s. And the big cities are doing what they can to get rid of cars as it is, by raising parking fees and road tolls. When I sold my last car at the end of 2017, I decided I wouldn’t have a car again unless I get one for free. But neither Ferrari nor Aston Martin have called me yet, not even Lamborghini.

Waiting for them to call, I’ll just have to get an old banger for weekend errands. We’ll see where I end up, an old Golf again maybe? An old Audi? I would love an Audi Coupe from the 80s. I’ve found one from 1984, with a small engine problem. The problem isn’t too big and those cars are getting harder and harder to find. We’ll see.

Song of the day: Patti Austin – Oh No, Margarita

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