Six strings

I finally got a guitar. After about two years – or perhaps longer since my first thought – I finally found one. A Yamaha acoustic electric guitar from a dude online. He was in his sixties I think, and happened to be a drummer actually – just like me. I got the guitar for a steal and I am as happy as can be with it. For the past two days I’ve been watching Youtube-tutorials on how to play some of John Mayor’s songs. Yes, my fingertips are super sore now. 

My musician friends know me as a drummer, but I actually started playing the guitar; that’s what I wanted to be first. Not a guitar, but a guitarist. My parents gave me a guitar when I was about seven or eight and I played it until my fingers literally bled. And it was the summer of ‘69. 

Well, actually it was around 1991 or 1992. Around the same time I was hitting stuff as well with Dad’s drumsticks, and eventually I chose the drums. 

Still, I’ve never quite been able to put the guitar down completely. My first guitar is however gone – it probably disappeared in the mess of my parents splitting up all those years ago. 

I even got an electric guitar when I was young, this must have been 1993 – and that guitar I still have, thank goodness. I used it when I took guitar lessons in high school, or collage, as the Brits say. I went to a music collage called Rytmus – it’s a famous music school in Sweden. My main instrument there was the drums. In year two you were aloud a secondary instrument, so the obvious choice was the guitar. My other drumming mates chose Latin percussion and things like that. I had Latin percussion lessons as well, but not to the same extent. It was great taking guitar lessons though, and I had a good teacher too called Tony Borg – a semi guitar hero from the eighties.

After collage I put it away again. But I do remember a guitarist friend asking me once if I could fill in for him, teaching in one of his guitar classes. For some reason he thought I could do it. He said, “I’ve seen you play, you’ll be fine.” I actually said no because I didn’t feel comfortable about it. He probably thought I could have just played around with them for an hour or so. Looking back I perhaps should have done it for the experience. Although I think those poor students would have wanted their money back. 

Song of the day: John Mayor – Why Georgia

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