A museum worth a look

If you happen to find yourself in Stuttgart and have forgotten that the Mercedes-Benz museum is there, it’s about time you rearrange your plans and pay it a visit. And if you can’t make it happen, or if you’ve already come home, you can read about here and realise what you’ve just missed!

The museum hasn’t been there that long, only 13 years and it’s close to the Daimler factory. It’s a modern building in the shape of cylinder where the floors gradually take you from top to bottom, running through Mercedes-Benz’ different chapters. The visit starts with a lift ride to the top, a ride that sets the tone immediately: The lift looks as though it’s straight out of a Men in Black movie – it’s exclusive, modern and tastefully designed. 

There’s something for everyone here. The best part is that you don’t even need to be in to cars; if you think the cars are boring you can always look at the architecture, have a cup of tea in the café or read about historical events that happened parallel to the different models coming out on the market. 

Mercedes-Benz make more than just passenger vehicles, they make buses and commercial vehicles as well, which makes it interesting even for the real Benz-nerds. And they also have a thorough racing heritage. Their racing cars are lined up on a banked piece of road indoors. It’s a fantastic display with DTM cars (a German racing car category), historical Grand Prix cars and current Formula One machines, all in a dimmed and soothing atmosphere. On display in front of the race cars are all sorts of racing memorabilia; from racing suits and helmets, to steering wheels and racing trophies. 

Right at the bottom of the building is the museum store, a big store with nothing you actually need but everything you want – clothes, office stationary, models, coffee cups and jewellery. And the restaurant is top-class. If you’re hungry after the long walk down, you won’t regret eating there. 

The cars are immaculate all throughout the museum, all of them gleaming and interesting in their own way. Even the most boring of sedans look like a works of art in this setting. If you plan on visiting Stuttgart and have a thing for cars, you mustn’t miss it. And it’s only 10 € to get in.

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