A slice of music history

Just before the summer break I did an interview with one of Sweden’s most well known drummers, Micke Syd, from a band called Gyllene Tider. If you aren’t Swedish, you won’t know the band. However, you may know who the frontman of Gyllene Tider is. His name is Per Gessle, he is the other half of Roxette

The interview came out the other day in a magazine I write for called Musikermagasinet. It was a very interesting chat; he’s been in the business for 40 years and had a lot of fun stories to tell. One of the coolest bits was that he brought me along to see his band Gyllene Tider perform in Stockholm. They are a piece of musical history in this country – even if you hate music in general and have been living in a bat cave your whole life you will know who they are. They basically shaped the generation growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s. 

This year marked their final tour – they are calling it a day for good. Which also made the experience extra special. They played at Stockholm Olympic Stadium, or, Stockholms stadion, as we call it. If the name didn’t give it away, this is where The Olympic Games were held in Sweden back in 1912 – the only time the games have been here. For all you history fanatics, it’s the same year that the Titanic sunk. Which must mean James Cameron is really old or he used a time machine. 

Watching experienced musicians play is something else. The drummer’s name Micke Syd, is a sort of stage name because “Syd” is Swedish for “south”. It so happens that there is another musician with the same birth name, so they called themselves “Nord” (north) and “Syd” to tell them apart.

There is no substitute for experience, it’s so evident in this case. Listening to (and watching) this band on stage was amazing. 40 years of experience coming through each beat and chord, and note – it doesn’t matter what your name is or how technical you are – you aren’t beating that. Unless you are The Rolling Stones of course. They have slightly more experience. I actually heard they were on the Titanic.

I found myself having a hard time standing still. When music moves me, my body starts doing things. Most of the time I won’t notice, it just happens. A curse of being a drummer I suppose. I am glad I got to see them, and Micke Syd is a great chap too. By the way, Gyllene Tider basically means “great times”.

Song of the day: Gyllene Tider – Gå & fiska!

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