Ad Astra

Yesterday I went to see Ad Astra – that new Space movie with Brad Pitt. I am usually hard to please, but this one is actually good. And space is becoming more fascinating to me, maybe because of the fact that it’s 50 years ago we landed on the Moon.

I’ll do my best not to spoil it. But if you want to wait and read this after you’ve seen the movie, then don’t read it at all! Just joking – you should read this anyway. The film is set in a “near future”, where space travel has become commercial. Strange electrical surges start randomly appearing in our solar system and Brad Pitt’s character is, to make a long story short, sent out to find an answer. The journey takes us from planet to planet: Along the way he bumps into trouble on space stations, finds himself hanging off of rockets, and finds out if there is intelligent life on other planets. Personally, I am trying to find intelligent life on Earth. But to me, the main story is none of that. It has nothing to do with Space – it’s more of a “galactic self-discovery”.

Brad Pitt does a great performance in the role of astronaut Roy McBride, who is called in for a “highly confidential” mission, simply because he is the best in the business. I’m looking forward to getting one of those calls as well. I just hope it wasn’t one of those times I chose not to pick up. Liv Tyler plays his wife and Tommy Lee Jones plays his dad, and he does a very good job of it. 

The film looks great and the space settings are very convincing. It’s over two hours long and there are some “arty” shots here and there, as you would expect from a space film, but nothing that makes it too pretentious. And it doesn’t feel long either. The soundtrack complements the film very well. In case you were wondering, Ad Astra is Latin, and means “to the stars”. 

Song of the day: Journey – Love will find you 

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