Hitting the heat

It suddenly got so cold! It’s apparently colder than usual for this time of year. It’s also getting darker by the day. 

November is one of those months a lot of Swedes dread. Mainly because November in Sweden is dark, cold and rainy. I’ve never had that problem though, I haven’t been able to relate simply because I don’t really mind November! One reason could perhaps be that both my parents have their birthdays this month, so while growing up, I always saw November as a fun month with stuff to look forward too. Could be, I guess? 

But all this talk about it being the coldest November in years? I don’t doubt it. It’s so cold right now that as soon as I open the front door to head out, I want to turn right around and go back. “It’s a trick, go back!” I’m simply not made for the cold in this country. However, I am the one to preach about how the weather never is bad, and that it’s simply a matter of wearing better clothes. Mr Optimistic, I know.

I need something like Las Vegas heat all year round. And yes, I do like the Las Vegas heat. It’s dry, and simply the best. The last time I was in Vegas – a few years back now – they had a record-breaking summer. Come to think of it, last year when I visited Toronto, they were having a heat wave there as well! Somehow I manage to visit places at their hottest. Or perhaps the news just reports the same crap every year… 

I also happen to be moving. I’m moving out of my apartment that I’ve lived in for four years. It’s a small place that I moved to after my ex -wife and I got divorced. Long story short: yes I was. 

I can’t believe I’ve lived here for four years! Where did the time go… I need something bigger now anyway. It’s exciting times and the property market is pretty unstable so I’m hoping to get a good deal.

Song of the day: Tina Turner – The best

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