Divine water

Yesterday, the trailer for the new Bond film was released. It’s Craig’s final outing as James Bond, his fifth in total. I’m always excited when a new one comes out. However, after seeing the trailer for this one, the excitement was somewhat dampened. 

I really like the rough and ready style of Bond in the new era. Pierce Brosnan’s Bond went slightly too far; after Tomorrow Never Dies, all of his movies felt like toys. Like plastic. Like crap. It hurts to say that because Brosnan is a childhood hero. Still, Die Another Day was especially rubbish. 

What struck me after seeing the trailer for the latest one, No Time to Die, was that it kind of felt like more of the same. It doesn’t really look like they’ve taken the character anywhere. I’ll still see it and I hope I’m wrong. What I’m “dying to find out” (that’s almost a crap Bond movie name) is how the gorgeous Aston Martin V8 Vantage is written into the story. It’s interesting if you think about it: The V8 Vantage is as retro today as the DB5 was when it was brought back in GoldenEye in 1995. If that doesn’t make you feel old then you’ve been drinking too much water from the temple in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 

That’s what I’m looking forward to the most – to see one of my future cars on the silver screen. Even the classic DB5 seems to be playing a big part in this movie. They really crammed this movie with all the Bond sweets they could find. 

I’ve seen every Bond film since The World Is Not Enough on the cinema. I tried to see GoldenEye too, me and a friend, but we weren’t aloud because I was eleven and he was twelve. The movie was rated 15 in Sweden. We thought we would try. And when Tomorrow Never Dies came two years later, I tried again with another friend. He was going to see it with his dad. I wasn’t aloud in. 

Song of the day: Chris Cornell – You Know My Name

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