A brief Google search isn’t always enough

I’m at that place where I just can’t wait to get out of here, from this tiny box of an a apartment that, somehow, I managed to live in for four years. My new place will be brand new – no one has lived there before. That, in itself, will be a dream. I remember moving to Sweden as a kid, as a nine-year-old; we also moved into an all-new flat. The smell of everything was so fresh. It smelled like paint and Ikea furniture. In less than two weeks I’ll be moving!

I had this monstrous cold all weekend. It crept up on me from nowhere it seems. I suspect I picked it up last week when I was traveling for work. We went to a trade show and had our own booth and stuff; a pretty cool event and we got a lot done. Anyway, I think I caught it from either my boss who had a cold, or from my hotel room that was rather chilly. And today I was out of it. I was sneezing all over the place. I don’t think I’ve been sick like this for years, since I started going to the gym to be honest. Good thing I could get my work done from home today. And we’re sending off this month’s magazine to be printed tomorrow, so I couldn’t call in sick either – I had to do my bit. 

Another interesting piece of trivia is that I returned to Instagram. For different reasons I left at the end of 2018. I think it was good for me to give it a break. And now being back, not much has changed. There is so much that doesn’t really add up on Instagram; it’s a peculiar way to communicate. Instagram seems to blur people’s idiot-filters – people will post absolutely anything up there. Sometimes I wonder; you wouldn’t do it in public, so why post it on Instagram? Something’s messed up. At least God’s grace is new every morning.

I found a really nice piece of music (you’ll find it at the bottom of this post) the other day after a very random Facebook post from a very random Facebook friend. I say random because, after my days of competing in pageants in Thailand (another story), back in 2017, a lot of random people found out who I was and befriended me. And who would have thought that that would lead to this moment? I have no idea where the song comes from, it might be film music or it might just be a foreign pop song. I don’t even know what language they are singing in. After a brief (very brief) Google search, I thought it might be an Indian language, or perhaps Turkish. At first I thought it might be Arabic. But I’m leaning towards Turkish. If anyone happens to read this and happens to listen, and happens to know, comment, and spread your knowledge! 

Soon bedtime; I’ve got to sleep the rest of this cold off. Or better yet, shake it off, like Taylor Swift would do.

I just did another Google search; it’s in Hindi. 

Song of the day: Jubin Nautiyal, Shirley Setia – Tu Jo Mila-Raabta

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