Keep the Faith

I was in New York City, at a Starbucks. I seem to remember they had some kind of a problem. That was the last time I wrote a blog post on a Friday the 13th. They had to send all of their customers out because their water had stopped running.

Today hasn’t been as bad as that. It’s actually been a pretty good day. Apart from the fact that we’re just in the beginning of en epidemic. It really is an odd time right now; there are less people out, the public transportation is not as crowded and everything is shutting down. 

The Formula One race that was due this Sunday was called off. And I love Formula One, so that was great news – it means I have a few more hours to get other stuff done this weekend! I’m trying to keep my head cool and not stress about it. But it is hard when all you see in the news is how bad it is. Why won’t the news write about how many people are actually getting better from this virus? Why will they only publish the negative? And I happen to live in Sweden, and we haven’t really taken it seriously. It’s spreading by the hundreds daily. 

I am puzzled why the reports in the news are only negative. That is humanity in a nutshell. It’s garbage, is what that is. Come on people, spread hope and positivity. Not doomsday messages. 

Song of the day: Bon Jovi – Keep the Faith

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