Paris will wait

I love the idea that this whole pandemic is a conspiracy. I personally don’t think it is, but I enjoy people’s creativity. Perhaps it’s a way for us to deal with overwhelming situations. If we don’t fundamentally understand something, we create an idea that it’s made up, just to be able to find peace. 

I was doing food shopping today on my home from work. As I stood in the cue – it was a surprisingly long cue – I had some time to start thinking. It struck me that the generation coming will have a totally different view on life than my generation, the Millennials. Kids growing up today, especially the younger ones will be brought up thinking that the world is brittle. When I grew up, there was basically nothing wrong with the world – ever. I do remember the ozone layer scare though. Other than that I’ve been brought up with no real disasters. The coming generation will have another mindset. No wonder Millennials feel entitled to everything…

Society is shutting down more and more each day. I went to the office today but from the looks of it I’ll probably work from home for at least the rest of the week. And I get to work using public transport, which is becoming increasingly empty. From today you’re no longer aloud to get on the bus from the front. They’ve shut off the drivers end. Everyone gets on through the back doors. 

Originally I was booked on a flight to Paris today. A business trip for a magazine, to check out a new car and test-drive it. The trip was obviously cancelled. I wasn’t surprised in the least, but I was disappointed. 

I’m not letting myself get worried about this. As I wrote in a previous post: the media is doing all it can to spread fear. In all honesty we have nothing to fear. All we need to do is take care of each other and ourselves. Which apparently is something humankind is terrible at. We got ourselves into this mess, didn’t we?

Song of the day: Arizona – What She Wants

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