Take-off zone

There is something about trying to fly with skies. We were so young, and both of us beginners so naturally we started right at the bottom. On the ten metre hill.  

Just around the corner from where I live is a ski slope. On the other side of the slope is a ski jumping hill where I used to practice with my old friend Gino. We must have been about ten years old. I never really got the hang of it but I stuck around for a season and did enjoy it. Sadly enough I don’t have any pictures from those days…

It’s the local slope where everyone around Stockholm goes if they want to go skiing. It’s not that high, about 82 metres, and actually sounds like nothing. But when you’re up there it’s not that bad. 

I remember there being a few other kids practicing as well. One of the kids was a bit older than us and he would go jumping on the 30-metre hill. He was nuts, I thought. But still cool and we looked up to him just because he was older. He used to help us out and showed us how to line up on top of the hill, and how to jump off at the take-off zone. Those were the days!

As I just moved back to the area I’ve had a few walks, walking down memory lane and checking out the sights. The ski slope is bare; the snow didn’t come this year so they could never open up for the season. It’s a shame since skiing is a lot of fun. I would like to try ski jumping again some time as well. Perhaps next season? If the snow comes. 

How are you readers holding up? Is media freaking you out with coronavirus news updates? It’s funny how the media and the real world differ so much. The news tells one story and the outside world another. I’m not sure if media is a blessing or a curse?

Song of the day: Toto – No End In Sight

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