How far is close enough?

I used to wake up listening to him on the radio, about 15 years ago. And only a few weeks back I listened to his latest radio show. It’s so bizarre and I can’t quite believe he’s gone. Adam Alsing will be deeply missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

Have we become complacent? This invisible virus is killing us and we don’t even seem to have a plan. Other countries are in lockdown whilst here in Sweden we’re going about our business as if everything is our business. Yesterday we lost a great media personality. Each and every loss to corona is tragic, and this one hit me extra hard because he was a major inspiration for me. 

When I listened to Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, address the nation the other day after he was released from hospital, he thanked the staff for “undoubtedly saving” his life. I thought perhaps that was a rhetorical part of his speech at first. Now, I am sure the hospital staff actually are to thank for Boris still being here with us. I think the loss of Adam Alsing in Sweden was a wakeup call, it definitely was for me. I don’t think anybody expected him to go. And he was only 51 years old. Social distancing is awful, and we weren’t created for this, but it’s essential for the foreseeable future. We must help each other stay away to be able to be near as soon as possible! And I never thought I would say this: Cardi B’s rant about “Coronavirus” wasn’t that crazy after all. 

Song of the day: Delirious? – King Or Cripple

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