Today is a cool day because it’s the first time I did the 10-kilometre run. I’m not a runner, and I wouldn’t call myself a training freak either, although I do have a gym membership at a gym about 100 metres from my house, and I try to train at least three times a week. It’s my first time changing gym – since I quit my office job I also swapped gyms. This gym isn’t as fresh, let’s say, as the old one. But it’ll do. But still, I’m not a gym freak but I do think everybody should go the gym occasionally, simply because our bodies are made to be used; we aren’t made for sitting still! And no, I’m still not a gym freak. However, maybe I should become a spinning instructor. 

One thing I miss from my old gym is the spinning sessions. I would sign myself up for the spinning sessions every Friday. A great way to stay fit. My new gym does have classes too, but nowhere near as much as the old place. Probably a lot to do with this virus that everybody seems to be talking about. Hopefully the classes will start up in the near future. 

Anyway, I miss draining my energy. So, I decided to go for a run: 1 kilometre became 5, and suddenly there was only 1 kilometre left. I did it! I did the 10-kilometre run! I did it in an hour, so I wasn’t pushing myself too hard, but it’s a great milestone. Tomorrow I’ll be back lifting weights again. 

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