The art of bringing up the same thing

I walk a lot. It probably runs in the family. It gives me time to do other stuff, like listen to podcasts or think things through, or pray, or just get to where I need to go. 

There are a few podcasts I particularly like; Car Talk is one. Two older chaps in America talking mainly about cars. People phone in and look for advice regarding their car problems. I’ll listen as soon as I get the chance to. Another one I’ve just started listening to is Joe Rogan, one of the heavy weights of podcasting. He interviews basically everyone. He’s the dude who used to host Fear Factor, if that rings any bells? 

I’ve listened to a handful of episodes already: Robert Downey Jr., Rob Lowe, Elon Musk, and today I started listening to an episode with Travis Barker, the old drummer from Blink 182 (a fascinating human being, by the way). Joe Rogan seems genuinely interested in his guests and they always get into deep conversations about life’s big questions. Another thing that struck me is that Joe Rogan always manages to start talking about drugs somewhere in each episode – he seems obsessed by them. And the funny thing is, most of his guests tend to say that they don’t do drugs anymore because they almost killed them. Yet, Joe Rogan keeps yapping on about the drugs he uses and so on. Surely there must be more things to talk about than drugs? 

We are a funny bunch. We like doing stuff that is bad for us until it almost kills us. And until it almost does, most of us will get help and stop, but the rest will keep going and develop serious health issues until it eventually gets the better of them. 

Am I old-fashioned or what? Does the majority enjoy listening to discussions like this? 

Song of the day: Aloe Blacc – My Way

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