Like music to your ears

You need to listen a music project I’m involved in, it’s project I joined about a year ago. I replied to an ad I saw on a website for musicians that looked interesting. I don’t usually do that because I’ve learnt over the years that most musical projects you find on these websites can drain you of energy, rather than fill you with energy. And since I tend to take things too seriously, I usually invest more time than I probably should in the given project and end up becoming the driving force. But this project was different and I made an effort to take more of a backseat role and go along for the ride. 

So I met up with a man with a vision. His name is Gigo, actually it’s Vedran. But he calls himself Gigo, you know, like Peter Parker calls himself Spiderman. We got along so I was offered the drumming spot. He then met up with a guitarist called David and a bass player called Sebastian. We formed the modern Power Rangers. Okay, no we didn’t. We formed a band and started recording Gigo’s music in September of last year, and finished it before Christmas. 

Here’s the studio, NOX Studios in Järfälla, Stockholm, Sweden.

It’s a mix of sounds and styles and it ended up pretty good. So check it out on Spotify and Youtube and wherever on the net: search for Gigo!

More music from this project is to come, and it will be even better. Until then, listen to the stuff that’s already out there! 

Song of the day: Gigo – Hold me up

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