Would you post that?

Sometimes I wonder what we are doing. Over the past few years I’ve slowly started to lose my faith in social media. I recently finished watching a new documentary on Netflix, The Social Dilemma. I try not to let documentaries shape the way I think, but it was interesting. It addresses how social media has changed our society and the way the world works. The general vibe in the documentary is dark with no real positivity, perhaps because of the unnecessarily spooky music going on the background. 

I think social media platforms are an awesome tool but they have turned into areas where people arrive to shout out a whole bunch of BS. There are a few things that increasingly make me sick. What’s all this rubbish about pranking people and filming it? I’ll give you a few examples. An idiot runs up to someone, snatches their phone out of their hands and smashes it against the ground, only to give them a brand new phone moments later. Also, there are tons of Instagram magicians, performing tricks and illusions, and even nasty pranks on their partners, just for a laugh. In most cases they are staged, of course, and none of the so-called illusions are real, and everyone is in on the “prank”. The surprising thing is that the audience don’t seem able to tell the difference anymore between staged and real. Or do we? Perhaps we’ve seen through the prank but are being programmed to be polite and play along, and thus allow morons to be even bigger morons?

It’s a scary development. 

Apart from pranks with poor acting and patronised IG magicians, there is another pathetic development. Self-proclaimed influencers. Today, everybody wants to be an influencer. Everyone seems to have a collaboration with a drinks company or a clothing brand, or whatever it may be. We are learning to value ourselves in how much of a percentage we can give our followers shopping online. Another social media classic is the phrase “link in bio”. It’s turned into a cool line, rather than a useful tip. Imagine walking into a car dealer, or a food shop – anywhere – and asking a sales person for help, and they tell you, “Find out for yourself.” 

It would be interesting to see how many people actually turn away after reading the lines “link in bio”. On the other hand, it might be a similar phenomenon to us playing along and patronising pranksters and magicians performing crap, staged tricks on us. In other words, we are too lazy to change a habit. 

Why are people getting undressed on social media? Men and women, probably mainly women, are posting pictures with very little clothes on. It’s as though people think it’s not real as long as it’s on a social media platform. But what they really don’t realise is that it is real, and everyone can see you the way they shouldn’t be seeing you. If I would post a picture of me wearing my boxer shorts, I’m de facto letting everyone I know see me like this – co-workers, friends, family, potential employers and employees – everyone around me – see me like this. But would I go food shopping in only my boxers? Probably not. 

Perhaps social media is a reflection of what society would be with no leadership. Where are we with no leadership? We have nowhere to go. What is a ship without a captain? A ship with nowhere to go, that most likely would be taken down by any storm in its path. A schoolteacher can’t teach without order in the classroom – leadership is needed to keep them quite. I could keep going, but I need to run, I’m out of coffee milk. Perhaps I’ll run off to the shops in my underwear today. 

Song of the day: Sting – If I ever lose my faith in you

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