What are we fighting?

My angle was that perhaps the movie was slightly angled, but I did express some of my frustration towards the way social media has started to shape our lives. I’ve since been doing some brainstorming and I’ve had an epiphany. Last time out, I wrote a post about social media and what I thought of the Netflix movie, The Social Dilemma.

Having a problem with something, or someone, for that matter, can always be directed straight back to you. Your problem with something or someone has to do with you, and how you deal with it. You can never take responsibility for the way a system works, or how someone else expresses themselves. If you take offense, it’s up to you to deal with it. 

Our planet is reacting at this present time and we’ve started to protest against the system, or “a” system. This is nothing new because humankind has always enjoyed protesting. But my growing view is, why protest against social media? The problem isn’t social media. The problem is how we let it affect us. We are merely poorly informed.

Social media can be used for a lot of good. Think of it as a tool – a tool can be used for repairing and building stuff. But if used the wrong way, it’ll either break something or cause other damage. Just imagine what a simple hammer can do, not in itself though, but by how we use it… 

Let’s change our attitude. And most important: nothing posted on social media is real. If you realise that, you’ve come a long way. It’s all someone else’s perspective, later interpreted by you. This revelation is what the real “protest against the system” should be about: seeing it as a suggestion of an alternative reality, and not actual reality. 

So, let’s start using it for good because hey, nobody actually cares about your coffee, or best times on the treadmill. What we do care about, though, is each other – people are created to be social beings. Let’s start sharing what we have with an honest heart, and not because sharing means getting something in return. Here’s a thought: Would we post as much if there was no “like”-button? Some of you might now be thinking, “Than what’s the reason to post?” There’s the problem. 

Song of the day: Lee Ritenour – Mr. Briefcase 

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