Do you like the snow? I know I do. If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that I’m always the glass half full type. My glass is so half full that it’s probably almost full. Early on, I learned that every situation can be a positive one, no matter how negative it seems. In other words, every negative is a positive. But how? Well, it’s all about how you look at those negatives. Can you learn from it, or will you let it bring you down? 

There are so many clichés on this subject. Who hasn’t heard of the saying, “fail forwards”? Whenever you make a mistake (we make mistakes all the time, I know I do), make sure it teaches you something you didn’t know before the fall. That means that every trip up, or fall, will get you “a step closer”. This way, you never fail. 

Another thing I learned a while back is to be careful when someone praises you; the same approach applies when someone gives you a lot of negative feedback, or hate, as we call it today. A balance somewhere in the middle is good: you’re never as bad as someone says you are, and probably never as good as someone says you are either. Growing up as a musician, I got used to always comparing myself to others. I went to a music high school, or secondary school, and that was all we did – we would try and be better than each other. A stressful period in my life, but it made me the person I am today. I was always considered pretty good at drumming for my age; probably not as good as people said, but okay for my age group. That leveled out with age, and now I’m just a drummer!

There is a funny novelty coffee mug – you know, the kind where it might say something stupid on it. This particular mug had the text, “World’s okayest drummer”. That’s where you would put me. My point is, be careful with who you listen to, and what you listen to, because people aren’t always right. Most people don’t actually know what they are talking about. Be true to yourself, but don’t get carried away with yourself.

This post started with snow… A lot of people hate the Swedish weather – it’s too cold, or too dark, or too nice. I think it’s great – finally we have some skiing weather. Don’t forget the balance!

Song of the day: Stryper – Caught in the middle

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