It was finally my turn. I’ve just recovered from covid-19 and I’m getting back to speed again. It’s been precisely two weeks since I contracted the virus and ironically enough, I was eating with two old friends at a local, Chinese restaurant. The food was great, and it didn’t make me ill. What, or who, made me ill was my friend! He works as a teacher and meets a lot of people all the time, so he had contracted the virus a few days earlier and in turn passed on the virus to his wife. And when he came to visit me and our mutual friend, I got it!

Our friend didn’t get it because he has had the vaccine – he’s safe. I started feeling really sick on the Tuesday after. I met my friends on the Friday. So it took about three days for me to feel sick. I woke up on Tuesday with a terrible headache. It was so strange to wake up and feel that way. Something didn’t feel right. I occasionally have migraines but this was different. Then I had to go and be sick: I threw up a few times (excuse the details). I took a headache pill and went back to bed for about an hour and a half. Then I got up and felt okay, good enough to work anyway. So that was the first day with covid-19. 

During the evening, my friend phones me up and tells me he has covid, and his wife too, and that they both just got back positive results. I tell him that that must be what I have, which explained my sudden condition.

The day after I just felt feverish and cold, and generally tired. I managed to get through my work and booked a covid-19 test. The test was delivered to my home on Friday, the week after contracting the virus. It took about 10 minutes to do. Basically, you had to use a provided Q-tip, or cotton swab, and scrape the back of your throat, put it up your nose and then also spit on it. And then mix it in a tube of salt water, and seal it and hand it back to the dude that delivered it. I got the results back about a full day later, on Saturday. I was positive. 

By then I had been sick for six days. The days that followed were more or less about pushing forwards. My main feeling the whole time was that of a fever. The week after (this week), I started to get better and better, and today I actually feel like the virus is gone. I’m still tired, but I’m not sick anymore. Today is exactly two weeks since the virus decided to jump in me and fool around. Big mistake.

I think I lost my taste about a week ago, but that’s gradually coming back now too. It’s a mean virus and nothing I would like to experience again. And to all of you nutcases that believe the virus is a government conspiracy – it’s coming for you too.

Song of the day: Dotter – Little Tot

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