UK is the only choice

Summer is truly back in town. It is, after all, June. I probably write this a lot, but what happened to this year? It feels like it just got started… 

Where are we now, about half a year on? Well, we are still feeling the pandemic, although there is some light in the horizon. My brother lives in the UK and they seem to be getting better in a hurry, which is great news. USA seems to be doing better as well. And Sweden? Well, we still don’t seem to have a plan. “If we don’t say anything maybe the pandemic won’t know we are here…”

Something a bit more fun is that the Euro cup is starting today. It’s a year late, for obvious reasons, but I’m glad they got it together for this year. My best bet would be routing for England. They at least have a chance. Sweden isn’t really a football nation so we are just happy to be there. So this time I’ll have to be proud of my British heritage. As it happens, I did a writing job a few months back where I translated a UEFA Euro special; a magazine with all the teams and venues represented, and some other trivia as well, such as why the trophy is called Henri Delaunay Cup. 

Don’t ask me why because I forgot already. 

Song of the day: Dream Theater – Take the Time

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