Not only summer

Summer anxiety. Is that even a thing? Yes, in Sweden it’s a thing. The summers are usually quite short in Sweden; whenever the sun comes out, we’ll be ready with our flip-flops and swimsuits. We even have a famous song about the Swedish summers being so short. “Summer is short, and it usually just rains,” is what he sings in the chorus. 

So far that is not the case this summer. We’ve had some amazing days, and as I’m writing this, the air is humid, taking me back to my days traveling in Thailand a few years ago. It’s sticky and tropical. Today it is, however, raining. And I could not be happier. The rain means I can get more stuff done at home and I don’t need to stress about losing precious hours in the sun. So there you go – the essence of summer anxiety for a Swede. A short post today. But, as they say, less is more. Sometimes. 

Song of the day: Sia – Together (F9 Club Remix)

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