How has your autumn been? Mine has been eventful with a lot work, drumming and a covid vaccination. As you know – if you know about us Scandinavians in the north – it gets really dark here this time of year. I also went to the dentist this morning, to have a clean up. I had braces when I was a teenager so I have a metal wire glued to the back of my front teeth on my bottom jaw. No, I’m not a robot, although sometimes I feel like one. 

This is standard procedure for most people who have braces. It’s either that or a plastic tooth aligner a few nights a week. Once you remove your braces, the teeth gradually want to shift back to their original position, hence the necessity for the wire or a plastic tooth aligner. And guess what, I have both. Yes, I am a lucky boy. 

Anyway, with the metal wire back there, it’s easy to get plaque. So I had that removed and now I’m as fresh as a … person without plaque. The appointment was super early; I forgot my previous appointment a few months ago. There probably isn’t an easier thing to forget than going to the dentist. And the dentist is actually a happy place for me. After all, I did go there every other week when I had braces… Oh, by the way, my dentist in those days was cross-eyed. 

And the covid vaccination. I had my first at the beginning of September and I’m scheduled to go back any day now. I actually haven’t felt anything. Or have I? Continue reading to find out. The evening after the shot, I felt feverish, without a temperature. My left arm was sore too, the same pain you get after working out. So you can imagine it was difficult pulling up my trousers after going to the bathroom. 

Oh, and another thing, I just got a new phone. My trusty Huawei was starting to give me grief so it was time to get a new one. I decided to get an iPhone. If you know me, you know that’s a big step. If you don’t know, that’s a big step. 

I’ve used Android phones since my first smartphone. But this time I just wanted a change, perhaps it was something in that covid vaccination that messed with my mind. Who knows? (Dramatic music playing). So far, I’m only impressed with the build quality and camera. Other than that, the Android system is actually better and more user-friendly. I’m a bit surprised to be honest. 

Song of the day: New Kids On The Block – Step by Step

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