Getting there

Here’s a perfect summary of my day so far: It’s Sunday, it’s race day, I’m sick and I’m updating my blog. And by race day I mean the Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix. Since I live in Sweden, the race will be shown seven hours later. It’ll be on in about an hour. “It’s complicated.” 

I have a cold and that is a drag. I’m not quite alert, probably about 92 per cent of myself right now. My head is a bit heavy, my nose runny and I’m generally a bit hazy. Another thing when you have a cold is that you actually physically feel cold (hence the name ‘cold’?), so I have a fan right next to me, blowing hot air my way. And in the background is the sound of The Movies That Made Us, you know, the Netflix show.

My laptop is right in front of a window, looking out over New York City. That would have been fun, but it’s not entirely true. My view is actually of a courtyard, between the buildings next to mine, in Stockholm. Not a bad view to be honest. And in the distance is a forest of fir trees. It’s all black, too. The winter is here and November is notoriously a dark month. I’m planning a vacation someplace hot and bright. I can’t go right now, though, for a couple of reasons: I have a lot of booked work this month, perhaps a bit more than I should have taken on, and I’ve so far only had one vaccine dose. The idea is to get the second one and then escape in December for a few days, if possible. Which reminds me, December is pretty booked too. We’ll see, hopefully soon. And I need sun, a beach and some hotel breakfast. I’m thinking of Phuket. After all, ‘tis the season. 

Yesterday, I helped babysit my nephew while my sister and her other half went to see our other sister perform. Our other sister is in a local theatre group and they put on a play annually, roughly around this time of year. 

My sister is on the balcony, to the left, with pink hair.

My nephew is awesome by the way; he’s one and a few months. He is just too cute, and babysitting him is a delight. Did I tell you he gave me my cold? He sneezed at me a few days ago, right on my face. And he has a cold too, so I’m pretty sure that’s where I got it from. I see it as a blessing…

Song of the day: Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music

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