Coffee Talk

We wake up and go about our days without even reflecting on that we are blessed. I started a new routine not too long ago, and that entails watching a Youtube show. It’s called Coffee Walk and is on every Saturday. It’s actually a car show, kind of a spinoff, with one of the side characters from the show Fast N’ Loud.

The show takes us on car trips through USA as Dennis Collins and his staff look for classic cars to buy and sell. When they’re done they visit restaurants and order just about everything on the menu. Dennis Collins usually starts the episodes by saying, “It’s a good day to be alive.” For some reason this spoke to me a little bit more this morning; it really is a good day to be alive and each day presents us with new opportunities. 

This weekend is super fun because I’m playing tonight with my band. I actually left the band to focus on personal projects, but obviously agreed to help out when I can until their new drummer is ready to go. So I’ll be playing tonight and one more gig with them in December. I’m looking forward to tonight. I wish you could be there though. 

I just finished writing my setlist for tonight, complete with tempos and notes. I know the songs, but sometimes it’s nice to have some notes next to you in case you start daydreaming while playing. And that’s not totally uncommon. I remember playing a gig a long time ago and my mind went somewhere else. It was so strange and I started looking at my watch and everything else. It actually caused me to trip over myself. I was in another zone, in space, and I suddenly came back, seeing the drums and the audience in front of me. I managed to save the situation and kept playing, but it’s not a fond memory. 

My outfit is ready too. Classic black and white, with a twist. My gear is also all set – I’m bringing cymbals, a kick drum pedal and a snare with me. I still haven’t actually decided which snare to bring. I might bring my small one today. Either way should be fine. 

Song of the day: Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

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