Jump around

There was a period where I had enough of it, but the dancing bug seems to have got me again. I just got back from dance class and it was a lot of fun. The joy of dancing is back and that makes me glad, too. I attended a street dance class at Scandinavian Dance Academy this evening, one of the main schools in Stockholm. All the pros from TV go there – the background dancers for Swedish Idol, Eurovision and stuff like that. Okay, I’m making it sound like I dance like a pro… For someone who has never seen dancing before, or perhaps doesn’t know what dancing is, I might look like a pro. 

But it was fun. We were split up into two groups and we had to use some basic hip-hop steps and put together a short routine for each other. It went pretty well, but I secretly think my group was the better group. 

As this Monday comes to a close – my favourite day of the week – I must say it’s been a good one. “A good day to be alive”, if you read my latest post. The snow came today as well, and the funny thing is, I switched to winter wheels on my car yesterday – I won’t be signing autographs today, but catch me at the local café tomorrow.

Tomorrow is actually a big day, come to think of it. I’m picking my contact lenses. I’ve never had contact lenses. My appointment is before lunch and I’ve already done my eye test and all of that, so tomorrow I’ll be picking up a set of test lenses and I’ll also be given a run through of how to use them. I hope I don’t poke my eye out. Or even worse, poke both of my eyes out. See you later. 

Song of the day: House Of Pain – Jump Around

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