Watch your head

Did you get anything during black Friday? I haven’t yet; I haven’t really even had a proper look. It is still only Sunday though, and the shops are open so I might have a chance to pick something since the sale is still on! And I happen to be at Mall of Scandinavia while writing this so I don’t actually have an excuse. I thought I would check on some work related things since I had a bit of a slow day today. I’m at Starbucks, on the top floor, with a view over the mall. It’s not packed in any way. Perhaps people are too tired to go shopping today. 

Still can’t get my name right.

The other day I had a go at padel, the sport that everyone seems to be talking about. It’s like tennis but you play in a cage – tennis mixed with fighting, as it would seem. It was surprisingly fun but it takes a bit of getting used to. You’re aloud to use the walls to bounce the ball, and that was really tricky. The tricky bit is trying to anticipate where the ball will land after the bounce. It’s a quick sport too, and it’s probably easy to run into the glass walls and bang your head. 

I’m sure I’ll have a go again. But it really is the sport that everyone is talking about. I wonder why that is? Why do some trends just take off? Padel is not new, it’s been around since 1969. Perhaps it’s a little easier to get your head around than tennis because of the smaller court. A lot of people are seeing it as a business opportunity as well, with celebrities opening up padel halls all over town. 

Song of the day: Calvin Harris – Under Control

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