Shoulder it

December is a bit more relaxed than November and I have a bit more time to breathe. I’m doing a couple of smaller writing projects for an English publication, something I enjoy very much. Up until a few months ago I’ve only really done Swedish work, but now the shift towards English work has started and that excites me a lot. It’s a magazine you’ll find in airports. Not sure which ones though. In Sweden anyway, and I think in the UK too. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to write more and more in English and less in Swedish with time. It’s so strange – I’m part Swedish and part English. To be honest, I’m part everything but that’s another blog post. I speak better English as it’s my first language, but I make a living writing in Swedish. I do speak Swedish, although I’ve never really felt completely comfortable doing it. I probably never will, either. That doesn’t bother me. Anymore.

Speaking of speaking Swedish, I’m excited about a new project that I’ll be starting within a few days. It’s my own idea and I’ve already mentioned it to a couple of friends, even my therapist. I’ll undoubtedly explain more when I have the first step done. 

More interesting stuff this week is that I’m slowly reducing my time on Instagram. To be frank, it hasn’t actually given me too much to be happy about this year. As a whole, it’s basically stolen a lot of my time. So, if you are a follower (I have no idea who my readers are by the way, feel free to comment or reach out whenever you like because this world needs more warmth and friendship right now) or just a stalker, you’ll notice that my presence on Instagram is reducing. I even deleted my Tinder account a month ago. I need to get rid of distractions that ultimately end up steeling my time. And I know what I what, I just need to find my feet again. 

Other than that it was shoulder day at the gym today. Today is also the first day I haven’t used my contact lenses since I got them about two weeks ago. I mention that in the same paragraph since I never use my glasses at the gym and I can’t see what I’m doing. Okay, it’s not that bad. But I can’t see if familiar faces are trying to say hi from the other side of the room, or from the reception. So I probably come across as a bit stuck up. I hope not. When I wear my lenses, it’s as if I just bought a 4K TV – I probably look like a kid walking around a dinosaur museum for the first time, with their eyes really wide open. By the way, I love shoulder day. I’ve always loved shoulder day.

It’s also a bit milder today. It’s been about negative 13-14 degrees centigrade. And today was zero, so I just got back from a walk. That gave me a moment to listen some Formula 1 press conferences from earlier in the day; I did some praying too and even had time to call a friend. Praying is good by the way. You should give it a try. WWJD?

Song of the day: New Kids On The Block – You Got It

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