Saviour’s Day

We sailed through the first competition and went straight to the final, which was held this past weekend. We had a great gig but we didn’t win. It was also my last gig as the official drummer. I decided to take a step back and regroup – I want to focus on other things, such as my journalism career and becoming president of the United States. I hope you understood that that was an exaggeration; I’m actually focusing on becoming king of the world. Leo, watch out. 

It’s another good day to be alive. It’s Monday, my favourite day of the week, as some of you may know, and I’m excited. Not only has the weekend been fun, I’m also looking forward to stuff in general. Maybe because it’s Christmas? 

The Formula 1 season came to a close yesterday as well. It was a tight battle between reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton and young gun Max Verstappen. It looked like Hamilton was about to win it for an eighth time. He would have if it weren’t for an incident late in the race, which would ultimately lead to Max Verstappen going for the win. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Lewis take it, but I’m still happy to see Max crowned champion. He has been a fighter all year and has probably been a little mistreated by the F1 establishment. So, all in all, a great win and a well-deserved title. 

At the moment I’m sitting at a café close to where I live. I’ve just finish today’s work and I thought I would update my blog. It also happens to be Lucia today, a Christmas tradition where we light candles, eat lussebullar and watch choirs sing Christmas songs. Lussebullar are buns made with saffron. Very tasty with milk. 

I’m also pretty happy because I got to see a Lucia choir today, by accident. They were walking through the mall, singing, with candles in their crowns. It’s super cosy and really gives a Christmas spirit. 

Song of the day: Cliff Richard – Saviour’s Day

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