You are important

That hit me hard. One of the most difficult experiences I’ve had for a while. And I don’t know if it came from some blue cheese or some Swedish Lucia buns. It could be either. I suspect it is the former but I just don’t know because I ate both of those things during the same evening. We had just had a Christmas hangout with my now former band – we exchanged gifts and played a couple of games – and had a “Swedish fika”, with Christmas cookies and buns and stuff like that. One tradition is to have Swedish gingerbread with blue cheese (I know, but I didn’t make it up). 

It’s an odd mix but somehow seems to work. And when I got home later that evening, my tummy decided it wasn’t ready with me. So I spent the whole night running to the bathroom. Throwing up is never fun. The best bit is all the adrenalin you get from it, which actually helped me sleep for about half an hour, until my tummy was ready for round seven. I felt sorry for my girlfriend, who had to put up with me. Well, I would if I had one. 

It’s Friday night now (my food poisoning adventure was Tuesday night by the way and I was destroyed the day after). I’m good now and I worked as usual today and yesterday. Where were we? Oh yes, Friday night. I just got back from jogging at the gym across the street. My body felt amazing this evening. I had a really good jog. Now I’m just updating my blog before I get in the shower and head off to Stockholm Arlanda Airport to pick up my brother. He’s coming over for Christmas. He’ll be here a few days. Nice. Christmas is family time. I hope you have someone to spend the holiday with. If not, you are not forgotten, you are important and you are so loved!

Okay, now I need to get in the shower and get ready.

Song of the day: Micheal Ruff – I Will Find You There

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