Kiss My

Is a beach with some sun too much to ask for? It really seems that way. I haven’t been abroad for a while now and I feel like my whole body is itching! I’ll contact the embassy and ask them.

I’m also trying to get my head around the fact it’s January 5th. And I’m actually climbing up the walls – I really need a holiday. I mentioned in a blog post a couple of posts back that I’m thinking of going to Phuket, but now I’m hearing it’s getting more difficult again. 

But I’m still going strong, on the other hand. Stronger than ever. And it’s a new year. Oh yes, it’s time for that joke again: I haven’t updated my blog since last year. Tough crowd. 

Christmas has been sweet too. I spent it with family. My brother was here as well, visiting from the UK. And my sister had her second baby the other day. Welcome to the world, Josiah. I drove them home from the hospital. That was truly an amazing experience. He is so tiny! 

I’m also getting more used to contact lenses. I almost even fell asleep with them still in. But I‘m getting better at putting them on and taking them off. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds now, compared to about ten minutes per eye as in the beginning. I remember seeing my previous girlfriend take hers out with one hand, in like no time at all. Real ninja moves there… Actually, she was Thai, so some real Muay Thai moves there. But I’ll be there too, soon. I did actually try taking one out with one hand a few days ago. I almost poked my eye out. 

Song of the day: Anne-Marie & Little Mix – Kiss My

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