The one with ice cream

It was right there. In my freezer. It was one of those purchases where you just feel like something tasty. I had bought a tub of ice cream and put in the freezer after getting home from food shopping. So I get home, unpack, and start doing something else. Two days later, I’m pleasantly surprised when I open my freezer.

I was speaking to a friend of mine in Chile, and told her I was so happy to discover I had ice cream that I had totally forgot about. She said something like, “Sometimes it’s easy to forget what you have.” I told her I had to write a blog post about that. She answered jokingly that she wanted credit for the idea, so here you go. Here is your credit!

It hit me in a very profound way. In a way it is a description of the days we live in. We are so busy and have so many distractions that we just forget what we have, our objectives and what we had originally planned to do. Ice cream is not very profound, perhaps profoundly tasty, but this was so representative of our time. At least for me.

Do you have any similar examples? I’m sure you do. When did you last stop up, put down your phone and start thinking? I mean really use your brain? When did you last realise how privileged you are? It’s so easy to take things for granted and forget what we actually have. I’m usually pretty good at reminding myself to be thankful everyday, and to be thankful of the small tings in life. I guess this was just another reminder to be more present. And all I wanted was ice cream. 

Song of the day: Years & Years, Galantis – Sweet Talker

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