I love it

Today was one of those blessed days. The sun was shining all day, it’s March 1st and I even went for a jog before work this morning. My alarm went of before 06.00, and I thought too myself that I’m going to get this month started in the best possible way. I snoozed only once. 

But then I got up, and got ready for the gym. I had a jog on the treadmill, 4 kilometres. It was pretty awful but I felt like a king afterwards. Wow, it really set my day up. After that, I headed off to town. I decided I wanted to work in the city. I usually work at a nearby café. And even work is awesome at the moment. When I was done for lunch and left the café, all the lights at the crossings turned green for me as soon as I got to the edge of the pavement. Just one of those days, when everything worked. It really set my month up! I love it. 

A lot has happened in the past weeks. So much that I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write about it. One month ago I was in Thailand, in Phuket to be precise. And had such a wonderful time. I met some good people, a lot of musicians, and will be trying to get back to play with one of the party bands at one of the many clubs out there. I did a lot of playing when I was there, especially at a club called Paradise Beach Bar, in Rawai, in the south of Phuket. The club was right at the coast, with a fantastic view of the ocean. What made it even more magical was that is started raining – a real tropical storm. And the lightning lit up the horizon in the distance. A memory I will never forget. And the icing on the cake was meeting the owner of the bar. An older woman, around 60. She realised I was a friend of the band and welcomed me with the warmest welcome I can remember. 

She took my hands, led me to a seat and got me a bottle of Singha. She really made sure that I felt welcome. And during the evening, she made en effort of speaking to me and making me feel special. She even handed me a bottle of water when I was behind the drum set. A fantastic human being. I sincerely hope I meet her again. I’m sure I will if go back there to play more with that band. She really inspired me. I want to be more like her! It must be amazing to be a person that people remember because of the way you made them feel: seen, heard, important and valued. 

When the evening drew to a close it was time to head back to my hotel, in Patong, on the other side of the Island. Approximately an hour by scooter, or motorbike, as they would call them. I had rented a motorbike, so I was all set. I had my drumsticks packed in my backpack and headed back home. A motorbike ride in the rain that I’ll never forget either. 

I didn’t see that coming – the direction of this post… Anyway, let’s keep pushing. Let’s stay positive, and let’s be more like the owner of that bar. 

Song of the day: Cory Wong & Metropole Orkest – Better

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