Life through a lens

Photography has always been interesting to me. It runs in the family. In fact, all things cinematic are intriguing. When I was little I wanted to be a cameraman in the movies. It must have been some kind of phase or something because I don’t remember ever really trying to pursue it! Perhaps one of those “I want to be a bus driver” or “I want to be a fireman” kind of things.

But snap photography is something I have tried “accidently” ever since I can remember. And it is something I enjoy a lot. For the moment I’m on the lookout for a new lens, a lens that will help me take better pictures! It’s all about the gear isn’t it?! To be honest I’m all for making the best of what you have, but upgrading every once in a while is always fun. And it does boost motivation slightly.

For now my camera of choice is a Canon, and I’m thinking about getting a fixed focal length lens. One of those that doesn’t zoom – it’s fixed, just as the name suggests! So hopefully I’ll pick one up soon so I can start snapping away! The results will be popping up here and on my Instagram, so make sure to check it out. Comments and tips are always welcome!

Song of the day: The Naked And Famous – Higher

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