Too loud too much

Why are people noisy at the gym? I’ve been going to the gym now for a little over a year and I can’t help but wonder why some people love making noises as they workout. Going to the gym is almost like stepping into the wild wild west.

After a while you start to recognize faces. It’s usually the same old sorry gang at the gym day after day. People start to show there true selves, probably because they start feeling comfortable with everybody “knowing” each other, even though the only thing we ever say to one another is: “are you using this?” It’s like a huge playground for overgrown babies. People’s inner selves come out and you can really tell what type they would be if you went in the same class at school. And me being a thinker, I often think too far and start analysing in they are the older or younger sibling – or if they are an only child. That’s how much some people show their personalities while working out.


As soon as people start feeling comfortable they will do anything. There is this one guy who loves making noises. He sounds a bit like he is sighing every time he lifts his weights. Another one sounds like he is on the toilet with a bad tummy ache. Men do make most of the noise at the gym, but once there was a girl working out close to me and I thought she was either dying or killing something. She made so much noise I felt sorry for her – she was not as cool as she was in her mind. But the worst noise must be when the macho dudes slam their weights on the ground when they are done. The sound of metal hitting metal is not a nice sound and it hurts my ears. Everybody’s ears ever. I’m going to need to workout with earplugs soon! Or just tell them to cool it a little. I wonder if they would answer with a sigh?

My relationship with the gym is strange. I am not the type who loves to go training, but I have gotten used to it. I like it because I know my body needs it – and I like the feeling of sore muscles the days afterwards. It is strange though that before last year I had almost never gone to the gym, only occasionally. And now I can’t imagine life without it. God did create our bodies for movement. Why else would we look the way we do?

Song of the day: Backstreet Boys – Don’t go braking my heart



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