Start from the bottom

Today I’ve chosen to kick back a little. I’ve been working hard the past weeks with my regular full-time job, together with my freelance stuff. The problem is, I love keeping busy – I want to be productive. I basically have to tell myself that it’s fine to have a slow day here and there. So today I’m slowing down the pace a little so I can do some essentials, like laundry and that kind of stuff.

I’ve been reading the news sites a lot lately because the political situation in Sweden at the moment is like a great episode of your worst reality show. Because of the divided society we live in, our politicians haven’t been able to put together a working government yet. I think it’s a reaction on society in general. We are being taught that everything is fine as long as we feel it’s fine – consequences are thrown out the window. I’m not surprised that people are using more and more antidepressants. If that isn’t a reminder that we are going the wrong way, than what is?

Sweden has an amazing reputation all over the world – but the truth is that our society is very brittle. We are just really good at using Photoshop. Soon enough, people will start zooming in only to see that it’s not that good after all. Society today is like a really high building built on sand, with everyone on the top floor, making their own fancy office space, not realizing that perhaps we should have started at the bottom first. And better still: built the building somewhere sturdier than on sand!

Song of the day: Busta Rhymes – Fire it Up

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