A pain in the head

Today is one of those headache kinds of days. Having a headache is one of the most boring things on the planet – and what do you do? You just have to sit them through. You could take a headache pill; it doesn’t always help though. I haven’t always been good at taking headache pills – I used to avoid them as much as I could. Until I had a revelation.

Actually, the revelation was not that dramatic. All it was was the realisation of not needing to be in pain. And being in pain, and sitting it through, could potentially be worse in the long run. 

The best thing however, must be to not a headache at all. Why do we have headaches? Is it stress? Is it not having a good enough meal? A rushed breakfast? Or just the lack of coffee in the morning? I would say the coffee-thing is not legit. Perhaps one might have a headache without coffee, but it’s nothing that wont pass. I was without coffee for over a year and I have almost never felt better than I did during that “dry” period. 

The reason I went for almost a year and a half without coffee was that I needed a change during that time of my life. I used to work in the construction business, a trade where coffee breaks are as important as the work itself. There was coffee everywhere. So, I chose to give it up for a while. Saying no to coffee when being offered a cup is like saying no to alcohol – you are the immediate party-pooper. And I’ve done both of the above. I don’t mind being the party-pooper though. After all, I am the party.

My headache is almost gone now. So is my coffee. Connection? Who knows? 

Song of the day: U2 – Sunday, Bloody Sunday

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