You too?

He was speaking about something related to his work in connection with cars, and said, “I’m sure I have a little bit of ADHD because of…” And carried on with his sentence.

I was listening to a podcast the other day about cars (what else), and one of the hosts said something that stuck out. It’s actually not an uncommon thing to say, and I’m probably guilty of having said it in the past too. 

What stuck out is that we seem to always enjoy mentioning that we “must have a little bit of ADHD”. How did we create a society where ADHD is something we all want, or something that we “must have” to fit in? I think the answer is probably simple – we like being like each other. With ADHD being a sort of “modern standard”, we all want it. 

We’ve created a society where we all have ADHD. Where are the people who are happy as they are without “a little ADHD”? The alarming thing is that we are loosing our originality simply by looking for originality. On the other hand it is rather sweet, and highlights what I mentioned above, that we want to be like each other. All we want is to fit in. 

And there is nothing wrong with not having ADHD. I remember asking an old girlfriend several years ago if she had ADHD. She was so upset by that. I’ll admit – it probably was a clumsy question; we all live and learn. But she did have a lot of energy; also one of the reasons we started dating in the first place. She told me a story about going to the doctor to check this up when she was in school. If I remember correctly, I think it was her school that set the appointment up for her. 

At the appointment, the doctor said: “You don’t have ADHD, you are just very energetic.”

We need to embrace that we are different. And we don’t always need to be like everyone else to feel a sense of belonging. It is our differences that make us who we are. Now I need to go and count how many cashew nuts there are left in the bag.

Song of the day: Sionya, Emmi – Toss the Salt

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