I thought it was funny

Do we become more or less uptight with age? I can’t remember where I heard this, but I heard – or read – that when men enter their 50s, they are hard to convince otherwise. I mean that a male will think he is right about everything. This scares me. 

Some of the most interesting people I’ve met are the ones who stay curious, the ones who aren’t stubborn about there own beliefs, and the ones who keep a humble mind; a willingness to accept they might be wrong. 

The term mansplaining is a real thing. Men love to explain everything. Men don’t usually talk too much, but when we get asked something about a topic we are interested in, or when we feel like we can help, then we will never stop talking. I’m sure I am guilty of a fair share of mansplaining.  

If I turn into someone who thinks they know everything, it will be the end of me. I try to stay curious though. In my nature I like to ask questions. I am quite open and I enjoy meeting new people, but I am happy not saying anything at all sometimes. My quietness has probably been a disadvantage in some cases, and probably the opposite in others. But I do know a lot of bullshiters who talk their way forwards. But in the end, the truth usually comes out, and the fruit of who they really are shines through. If you don’t get it, feel free to reach out and I’ll do some mansplaining for you and help you understand what I mean. 

But why do a lot of people end up becoming uptight and unwilling to change their way of being? Is it perhaps a sign of weakness? Is that the real reason? Is a 50 year old who asks a question a weak person? This is why older men don’t read maps. When I’m 50, I’m going to read every map in town. That’s my mindset. 

We need to stay curious. And we need to stay silly. Lately, I’ve fallen for a show called Salvage Hunters. It’s a series where we get to follow a business that travels around UK, in the search for old items and furniture that they can sell in their shop. It is so interesting. The host and his business partner found an old cookie tin for sale, a tin painted with the famous comic character Tintin on it. They cracked the obvious joke, “Oh look, it’s a Tintin tin.” I thought it was quite funny. 

Song of the day: Steve Angelo, Paul Meany – Breaking Kind

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